Source: Sydney Morning Herald – National
AS DEBATE rages over sexism and misogyny in federal politics and across the country, a global survey has found Australian women are the most economically empowered in the world.


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OK, this is a strange post.

Why is this here ? Who cares about this ?
There have been many such research findings. The Workplace Gender Equality Agency issued a statement, regarding some findings about a “wage gap”, with similar conclusions saying:

“The large $5000 pay gap favouring males observed at the overall level can be attributed, at least in part, to the fact that males tend to be overrepresented in higher-paying fields such as engineering. In addition, some of the larger wage gaps are observed in fields with relatively low response numbers (e.g. dentistry, optometry) which could make them unreliable.”.
There’s more to be said about this of-course. If we suppose anyone is interested in this (I don’t think anyone is), here’s where you can read more on this: